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The Creation of PFx Biotech

Our Story and the Founding Team

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Ali Osman

Ali Osman, the co-founder of PFx Biotech found himself facing a challenge that millions of parents’ worldwide encounter - a child allergic to cow milk proteins.

This allergy affects millions of children worldwide, with symptoms ranging from mild discomfort to severe reactions.

Witnessing the distressing symptoms his son experienced ignited a passion to explore alternatives not just for his family but for the countless others facing similar struggles.

Determined to find a solution and driven by a wealth of experience in the food and ingredient industry and a commitment to sustainability, Ali embarked on a journey that would lead to the birth of PFx Biotech in 2022. 

Realizing that he couldn’t tackle this challenge alone, he enlisted the expertise of like-minded individuals who shared his vision for change.


Harry Barraza

Harry Barraza, with a background in chemical engineering and a wealth of experience in research and open innovation, joined forces with Ali, bringing their expertise in the food and ingredients industry to the table.

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Diana Oliveira

The team then onboarded Diana Oliveira, a food scientist with solid experience in assessing health and nutritional benefits of food ingredients, with focus on gut microbiota, and immune support, among others.

Together, they formed a dream team dedicated to transforming the landscape of food and nutrition.

The company kicked off activities at the Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto in Portugal.

Since then, the team of researchers and advisors contributing to PFx Biotech is growing. Recently, PFx Biotech has opened a subsidiary in Ghent in Belgium, a vibrant ecosystem ripe with business development opportunities, robust biotechnology infrastructure, and expertise in protein expression and strain engineering, among other assets.

Our team believes in the power of open innovation, working collaboratively with partners to push the boundaries of food production while minimizing carbon emissions.

Our Sustainable Business

Our Approach:

At the heart of our innovation lies a novel engineering biology platform. This platform empowers us to create a range of specialty proteins and protein-based ingredients, starting with human milk proteins. We utilize a highly scalable precision fermentation process to ensure efficient and sustainable production.

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Our Vision:

We're driven by a transformative vision: to revolutionise food through the power of biology. We achieve this by harnessing precision fermentation, a cutting-edge technology, to develop solutions that benefit both human health and the environment.

Leading the Protein Revolution

PFx Biotech is a pivotal force in the shift towards alternative proteins. We go beyond just sustainability; our focus is on crafting healthy protein alternatives that meet the highest nutritional standards and deliver health-promoting properties.