Advanced Protein Solutions by PFx Biotech

Pioneering sustainable protein solutions for a healthier world.

Crafting a Healthier Future

PFx Biotech’s Journey from Allergy Solution to Global Innovation

Welcome to PFx Biotech, where innovation meets compassion, and the future of nutrition unfolds. Our story is one of personal inspiration, driven by a desire to revolutionise the food industry for the betterment of our health and the planet.

Our journey began with a very personal story of a father’s love for his newborn son and a quest to find a solution to a common yet often overlooked problem: cow milk protein allergy.


Tailored Nutrition for All:

Advanced Protein Solutions

We leverage a novel systems biology approach to create a platform for producing highly bioactive human milk protein ingredients via a scalable precision fermentation process.

Our Products:

Bespoke Nutrition for Every Stage of Life

We offer alternative proteins designed for advanced nutrition applications, addressing needs in sports performance, medical nutrition, elderly care, and early-life development.

Innovation at Its Finest:

Tackling Global Food Challenges

We develop new and groundbreaking solutions that address some of the world's most pressing challenges linked with food-related carbon emission and the specific dietary needs of consumers within the advanced nutrition market.

Our Expertise:

A Team with Decades of Combined Expertise

With decades of combined experience in biotechnology, our team has the expertise and knowledge to develop solutions that are effective, safe, and sustainable.

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Our Vision:

Revolutionising Food Through Bioinnovation

At PFx Biotech, our vision is to transform the future of food by harnessing the power of biology and using precision fermentation, to develop solutions that have a positive impact on human health and the environment.